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Happy St. Patrick's Day, Tuesday, March 17th, 2015

Free classified ads for Central Florida residents! Go to Classified Ads. The Orlando Mall is primarily a shopping directory. For your shopping pleasure our shopping directory has hundreds of world class stores with thousands of products and services for you including and specializing in clothing, automobies, consumer electronics, on-line entertainment, sports, food, travel and we just don't have room to list it all....have fun shopping. We are both a gateway to the world and a focus point for local business goods and services. Please note that we do not collect email addresses. We don't do that because the collected emails, when contacted, is viewed by the addressee as spam. We agree. Therefore, since most of the companies that are linked from this web site offers special deals on a daily basis, you will have to come back to this web site more often in order to take advantage of these special deals. Bookmark this page to make it easier to find us.

Wall of Shame - See a list of cowardly and corrupted Senators that voted against you the American public who wanted resonable background checks for gun purchases, and those that voted against providing health care for our returning veterans.

Have fun shopping our new store affiliations The Orlando Mall -- online shopping fun - - Have fun shopping in our huge shopping directory. We bring the world of shopping to you.


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DEMOCRATS - The only thing that can prevent this is YOUR vote!
Courtesy of Keystone Progress

I have been questioned about why I have political stuff on the Orlando Mall. There are some things that just have to be done. When I see injustice and/or a group that does not play fair, I just have to make it public. I believe in politics that is not bought by big business, environmental protection, the ability to vote by everyone, the rights of everyone no matter what they do in private, fair wages for all workers, and ultimately politicians that are honest and have their people'a interest in mind when they legislate, including and especially for the poor and those that need governmental help, and I really don't like corruption. The Orlando Mall has everything on it (over 1,900 oages) including politics.
- Bill Boyer owner

Florida Democratic Party

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Although The Orlando Mall does not accept responsibility for any of the content of the stores in our shopping directory, we try to screen them to bring you sites that are as trustworthy as possible or as far as we can determine. If you have any problems with any of these links, or the sites they go to, please don't hesitate to tell us about it. We try to bring you a central doorway to every shopping scenario available on the net. There are several directories on this site that categorize these stores so that you can enjoy your shopping experience. By any definition, The Orlando Mall is a portal to the internet world of shopping. This site is designed for people who really like virtual window shopping.


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