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Political Power - Bill's Rant

Where Power Lies

Although many have described the President of the United States as the most powerful person on this planet, the reality is that the real power lies with Congress. The President is powerless if Congress doesn't back him up.

The last four years of this government should have served as a really good civics lesson to anyone that was paying attention to what was viewed as the ineptitude of the U.S. Government as a whole.

The first thing you should remember in this grand civic lesson is that when you look at the motives of the politicians in voting for any legislation it starts clearing up. Look at who profits most out of any action.

Unfortunately, most people just don't look that deep into what is going on. If they did they would see the pattern of corruption that is plain to see.

For example, Why would any politician vote for or against anything that would harm Americans and the American economy? The answer is serve those who contributes most to the mechanism that keeps them in power.

The second lesson is that you have to examine the motives of the entities that initiate the corruption. For example, why would someone (or group) do anything that would harm the U.S. or it's people?

The only logical answer is that they expect to profit immensely by their actions. They are not guided by patriotism, they are guided by greed and also by machiavellian power. If the U.S. population causes a downturn in the products offered by the wealthy...who cares...they can sell their products to the rest of the world. They have no loyalty to anyone save their own bank accounts..wherever they are.


What would profit these people most is if they have a larger portion of the wealth, can fool Americans to work for low wages and rule over the lawmakers who value their support and have no thought for the health and/or the prosperity of their constituents.

This leads to a form of government one example of which is pre-war Japan. It is called Plutocracy A good definition can be found here: Plutocracy

The operation of our "democracy"

Did you notice that during Obama's first term he managed to save wall street mostly unopposed, save the autombile industry mostly unopposed, which all saved jobs...but also very large corporations.

Did you notice that there were enough "Blue Dog" Democrats in Congress to oppose anything that would have purely social value to the nation, meaning that enough of them have been sufficiently corrupted to serve the Plutarchs. A good example of this is that instead of a single payor health care system which would help everyone, congress passed a law that although helping more people get health care, it adds billions to the pockets of the already bloated insurance industry.

In Obama's second term, the average person, disgusted with the inaction of what looked like a heavily Democratic Congress, just didn't go to the polls. The results can be seen with the well orchestrated and well funded so called "Tea Party". The Plutarchs had a come up with a strong enough negative message that it appealed to those that just don't like taxes, and fooled a large part of the population. After running up a huge deficit under Bush they now started to point to the "liberal" spending of Congress in order to gain power under false premises. The plan was brilliantly executed and they won a large part of the 2010 election.

Now, under the guise of a "mandate" they have enough power to further dismantle what was a moderately democratic government.

If this is what you the public wants (a Plutocracy run by corporations and the wealthy) then all you have to do is sit back and watch. But if it is not, then you've got some work to do. The Plutarchs have immense financial resources, and they use lying and dirty tricks to get their way. The only thing you the public has to fight this kind of power is the power of sheer numbers. There are a lot more of us than there are of them.

As to the really gullible Christian Right, I only have this to say. Do you think Jesus would like to see the rest of the wealth of this nation go to those who are already rich?...or would he start throwing chairs?

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