Unusual Dating Proposal   Unusual Dating Proposal   Unusual Dating Proposal
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Unusual Dating Proposal

Wooyah.com The most unique way to find love. Stand out from the crowd. Serve 'em with a WooYah Love Subpoena and get that date! - Wooyah.com is the most exciting and unique e-commerce product to hit the dating industry since the pick-up line. Using patent-pending technology, Wooyah.com allows users to deliver an official “Love Subpoena” that looks and feels like an actual court summons.

We offer 2 unique products:

The Official Love Subpoena: Delivered right to their mailbox, the Love Subpoena has exacting detail and is even hand-embossed with an official seal. It's enclosed with an official "blue backer" - just like a real subpoena. Subpoenas are delivered via First Class mail which is included in the $14.95 purchase price. FedEx and Priority Shipping is available for an additional charge.

The Official Love eSubpoena: For customers who don't have time to wait, we offer an electronic version of our revolutionary Love Subpoena. Customers can email an electronic summons to view the online eSubpoena. Recipients can then respond directly to the request right from their browser. The eSubpoena is only 99¢

Wooyah.com The most unique way to find love.
This Valentine's Day, Try Something Different! The Wooyah Love Subpoena, Serve 'em with Love!
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Unusual Dating Proposal

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