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Child Anxiety

Turnaround End Your Child's Anxiety - t is a clinically developed in-home audio treatment program that helps children overcome anxiety. Turnaround is based on the most effective treatment for child anxiety (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy). What makes it completely unprecedented is how it is specifically designed for children. Not only is it effective therapy, it is a fun story. Turnaround invites a listening child to join six other anxious children on an imaginary 10-day camping adventure filled with fun characters, mentors, obstacles, laughter, and music that leads a child step-by-step through a powerful treatment plan.

Turnaround speaks directly to children.

Current online programs, books and ebooks available for children actually address parents and expect them to implement complex treatment techniques with their child. Turnaround is completely different. Parent's can listen along but it is targeted for a child listener. It is most effective for children ages 6-12. Kids tell us how much they love the characters and the entertaining stories. They are personally invested in the story and treatment. It's a format that's truly unique and highly effective!

Turnaround was written and produced by a practicing psychologist and a professional counselor.

Unlike most authors of materials found on the Internet, we have over 30 years of clinical experience between us. We are trained therapists who have successfully treated children and adults with anxiety disorders of all kinds.

Turnaround has been professionally developed from top to bottom.

The content was developed over a two-year period by professional therapists, the layout designed by an art director who's done work for Disney and Warner Bros studios and who won an award for his work on Turnaround. The illustrations were drawn by a nationally recognized children'sillustrator and the sound production mastered by a true professional who's used extensively by PBS. Turnaround was specifically designed to hold your child's attention so that they could learn the valuable information needed to conquer their fears. It is visually appealing, highly entertaining, and truly effective in treating child anxiety.

Cure Child Anxiety
Cure Child Anxiety
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Child Anxiety

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