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Green Smart Living e-cigs 5-Pack Menthol Flavor - Geo E-Cigarette Recyclable by GreenSmartLiving for Only $49.99! - GreenSmartLiving is committed to creating a positive human impact, improving the quality of lives and protecting the environment by providing smart, simple and effective life improvement choices.


If you think cost savings are the only reason GreenSmartLiving is the smarter way to smoke, think again. Our rechargeable electronic cigarettes are better for the planet, too.

The nicotine in GreenSmartLiving high and low strength products is derived from sustainably grown, organic plant sources. Tobacco requires up to 16 applications of pesticides in one growing season, robbing the soil of nutrients and contributing to erosion. By eliminating your dependency on the tobacco industry, you're making a smart decision that helps protect the environment.

Because our e-cig is rechargeable and recyclable, it also reduces landfill, unlike disposable e-cigarettes. Save your used cartridges and send them in so we can recycle them. We'll even give you a discount on your next purchase as a thank you. It's just another reason GreenSmartLiving is better for the planet and easier on your wallet!
Green Smart Living e-cigs
Green Smart Living e-cigs

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Electronic Cigarettes

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