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Made in Jackson Hole - Bunnery Natural Foods is a producer of all-natural, grain-based foods located in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Our natural foods enterprise grew out of our restaurant and bakery, The Bunnery, a thriving local gathering spot founded in 1975. Bunnery Natural Foods granola blends and trademarked O.S.M. products, based on oats, sunflower seeds and millet, are made from original recipes that have remained largely unchanged since the bakery’s beginnings. The guiding philosophy has always been to provide our guests and clients, many of whom are skiiers, hikers and outdoor athletes, wholesome, healthful and deliciously satisfying foods made from the freshest, highest quality ingredients. We source as many of our ingredients as possible from local producers.

Bunnery Natural Foods are exceptional for their nutritional values, which include:
• abundant natural dietary fiber
• high levels of protective antioxidants
• richness in calcium, iron and other minerals essential to optimum health
• density of beneficial microelements
• fruit blends abundant in vitamin C, potassium, anthocyanins and polyphenols
• nut blends rich in important dietary vitamin E, magnesium and selenium
• low sodium content
• zero trans fat and zero cholesterol content
• no preservatives

Bunnery Natural Foods balance minimal sweeteners with natural flavorings, low moisture fruits and select, first-quality nuts to deliver impeccably bright, robust flavor. Our primary consumer is a fit, health-conscious person who is very selective with regard to dietary choices not only from a nutritional standpoint but also with respect to taste and freshness. The demographics include, but are not limited to, fitness enthusiasts, athletes, sportsmen and women, natural and organic food consumers, vegetarians and nutrition-aware parents for whom family diet is paramount.

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Natural Foods

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