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Green Tea

Matcha Source for matcha green tea powder Looking for Matcha? TASTE THE TEA THAT INSPIRED A CEREMONY. Matcha Source offers matcha powdered green tea for tea, lattes, smoothies and baking. Expect best quality teas and excellent customer service at - Matcha is stone ground tea leaves. When you drink matcha tea, you ingest the whole leaf and receive 100% of the nutrients of the tea. One serving of matcha green tea is the nutritional equivalent of ten cups of regular brewed green tea in a tea bag.

Matcha is new in the United States and still difficult to find in grocery stores. However, it is gaining recognition in popular coffee shops and smoothie bars which offer green tea lattes and matcha shots. Many customers are looking matcha to make these addictive and expensive beverages at home.
Matcha Source for matcha green tea powder
Matcha Source for matcha green tea powder

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Green Tea

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