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3d Printers

Dual Extruder 3D Printer from MakerGeeks.com

3D Printing flexible designs like tires, robot tracks and more... Flex EcoPLA is easy to print with and works with any 3D Printer. - Many industry experts are comparing 3D Printers to the fax machine, personal computer and even the launch of the internet in terms of worldwide impact and we are in the very beginning of this massive product cycle.

MakerGeeks.com has the largest selection of PLA and ABS filament for sale right now in the USA and with $35.95/ KG pricing and FREE shipping we are nearly 50% cheaper than our nearest competitor!!

MakerGeeks.com also offers Arduino micro-prosessors, stepper motors, PCB headbeds, hotends and massive selection of 3D Printer parts, 3D Printer Kits and even the Dual Extruder Duplicator 3 fully assembled 3D Printer!
Best Prices on 3D Printing Supplies and Printers
Buy 3D Printer ABS and PLA Filament with FREE Shipping

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3d Printers

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