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Chess Sets

4" Ultimate Rosewood Chess Pieces

Price: 109.95

This classy, elegant set of chessmen is hand carved from gorgeous rosewood. Felted bases help the pieces slide smoothly across a wooden chessboard. Nice standard weighted feel.Each set of pieces is carefully inspected at Chess House for completeness and quality.Specifications:King size: 4"Pawn size: 2 1/4"Base size: 1.5"King weight: 2.2 ouncesSet weight: 2.11 poundsGreen felt basesIncludes Extra Queens

3.75" Rosewood Chess Pieces

Price: 89.95

Classic, elegant set of chessmen is hand carved from beautiful rosewood. Felted bases help the pieces slide smoothly across a wooden chessboard. Nice standard weighted feel. Each set of pieces is carefully inspected at ChessHouse for completeness and quality.We recommend the 21 Drueke board as shown in the photo. For a basic, yet high quality vinyl roll-up board choose the USA.Specifications:King Size: 3.75"Pawn Size: 2"Base size: 1 5/8"King Weight: 2 ouncesSet weight: 2.8 poundsComes with Extra QueensGreen felt basesBoard recommendation: 21 Drueke board as shown in the photo. For a basic, yet high quality vinyl roll-up board choose the USA.

High Noon - Old West Chess Set

Price: 249.00

Bring the Old West into your home as the Good Guys face off with the Bad Guys in our "High Noon" Cowboy Chess Set. Relive the OK Corral as you capture your opponents Sheriff. Sure to please both Chess and Cowboy enthusiasts, each set is hand-crafted and hand -painted with exquisite detail. From the Gold and Silver Bars to the Country Preacher, each player is designed to take your vision back to the time when six guns, fast women and barroom brawls were the way of life for the adventurous souls who settled the West. Pawns are bulging mail bags filled with gold and silver bars and a few pieces of mail. Playing Box top features Brass Hinges for holding it open while youplace your players in the individual storage slots located in thebottom of the box.As well as being a great set for a friendly competitive game of chess this stunning hand-painted set is a great way to express your vision of the cowboy lifestyle. Makes the perfect gift for any outdoor chess enthusiast. Specifica

11" Oak Folding Book Style Chess Set

Price: 29.95

Felted interior with stretch-bands to hold each piece in place. Clear-lacquered Staunton-style pieces have brown felt bases. Case is held shut with magnetic clasp. Product is the darker set in the photo. Specifications:Board size: 11 1/2"Square size: 1 1/4"King size: 2 91/6"Pawn size: 1 3/16"Base size: 13/16"Brown felt basesKing weight: 0.1 ozEntire set weight: 25.4 oz

16" Marble Green and Black Chess Set

Price: 149.00

16" Marble Chess Set. Board itself is felted to prevent scratching table surface. Pieces have green felt. Green and Black pieces match board surface. This set is ideal as a family room display piece or for an occasional slow game of chess.Specifications:King size: 3 1/8"Board size: 16"

13 1/4" Hi-Gloss Ebony Chess Set

Price: 279.00

You'll love this Ebony chess box as it adds shine and luster to the room! The shiny gold and silver-plated chessmen greatly enhance the smooth chessboard surface as it casts reflections of each piece! Refine the living room with this high class dark ebony wood chess box. You can even store the pieces inside the lined compartmentalized drawers for protection or storage.Specifications:Board size: 13 1/4"L x 13 1/4"W x 2 3/4"HKing size: 2 3/4"

14 1/4" Hi-Gloss Chess & Humidor Set

Price: 299.00

Enjoy a finely crafted and reflection-finish humidor chess box manufactured from premium walnut woods. Stylish Gold and Silver plated chess pieces add sparkle in their modern slender design. Store your favorite cigars under lock and key inside this wonderful chess humidor box. Specifications:Box size: 14 1/4" x 10 3/4" x 4 3/4"King size: 2 3/4" tall.

18" Tournament Chess & Checker Table

Price: 179.00

You'll love playing chess or checkers on this 26 inch tall pedestal style chess table! The 18" square beautifully crafted chess board lifts to reveal a storage area for the included chess and checker set. It's a nice 3 leg pedestal game piece that will enhance and refine your living room decor!The Staunton style (traditional style) chess pieces and checkers are designed of matching colored light and dark woods, handsomely filling each 1 5/8" square. The chess pieces themselves are of a standard height at 3 3/4".Specifications:Chessboard Dimensions: 18" x 18"King height: 3 3/4"Chess Table height: 26"Square size: 1 5/8"Board can be turned over to form tabletop.NOTE: This product requires a minimum of assembly

19" Modern Chess Set

Price: 99.95

This is an elegant 19" Modern style chess set, including a black stained board with black stained/Kari wood, hand polished, hand carved pieces. This set is so gorgeous, it is recommended to leave out as a centerpiece on your coffee table! Beautiful craftsmanship!Specifications:King size: 3 9/16"Pawn size: 1 9/16"Base size: 1 5/16"Green felt basesBoard size: 19"Square size: 2"King weight: 1.7 ozEntire set weight: 130.2 oz

Basketball Chess Set

Price: 149.95

Basketball chess set pieces! Walnut root board with handpainted polystone chess set pieces. Specifications:King size: 15/16"Pawn size: 3 3/16"Base size: 1 1/2"Green felt basesBoard size: 19"Square size: 2"King weight: 1.4 ozEntire set weight: 147.2 oz

Experts Vs. the Sicilian - Aagaard and Shaw

Price: 25.15

The Sicilian Defence is the most popular opening at all levels of tournament play from Linares to the local club championship. The Sicilian is played regularly by top players such as Kasparov, Anand, Kramnik, Leko, Topalov and Shirov. This repertoire book recommends the critical main lines for White and reveals Black's greatest fears to the reader. A multinational line-up of leading experts (6 grandmasters and 4 international masters) give recommendations against their own pet lines in the Sicilian Defence. "Experts vs. the Sicilian" is the no-nonsense opening repertoire for players of all strengths who want to teach the Sicilian players a lesson or two.About the Authors: Jacob Aagaard is a popular chess writer, a battle-hardened tournament player and experienced trainer.He was born in Denmark, but now lives in the UK. John Shaw is an experienced International Master from Scotland, who has represented his country in many international team competitions. He has worked for 10

Bobby Fischer: His Approach to Chess - Agur

Price: 22.46

The return in 1992 of American Grandmaster Bobby Fischer against his old rival Boris Spassky has reawakened interest in the games of one of the most determined World Champions of all time. To Fischer chess is a highly competitive sport which requires not only meticulous opening preparation, a high state of tactical alertness and perfect technique, but also a constant striving for the initiative, immense will to win and even calculated risk-taking. In 1972, when he won the supreme crown, he was years ahead of his time in his chess understanding and he influenced the way competitive chess is played today. Now he is back, all chess enthusiasts will be able to compare Fischer with the younger generation such as Kasparov and Short, neither of whom has played a single competitive game against the enigmatic American. By studying the deeply researched and thematically arranged material in this book, players of all strengths will change their attitude towards the game and improve their ow

The Greatest Ever Chess Tricks and Traps - Lane

Price: 22.95

There is no easier way to win a game of chess than by luring your opponent into a devious trap. Similarly, there's nothing worse than being the one on the receiving end. Tricks, traps and swindles lie in wait everywhere, especially so in the opening phase of the game, and many battles can be won or saved simply through learning and mastering the most important ones.In this instructive and fun book, Gary Lane looks back though chess history and at modern times to create a list of his own favourite tricks and traps. Selecting from hundreds of contenders, Lane examines a variety of factors in order to decide which ideas are most worthy of inclusion. Discover the stories behind the most cunning tricks and traps of all time; how you can utilize them to score easy wins; and how you can avoid being tricked yourself.Features:An entertaining guide to the best ever tricks and trapsInvaluable advice from a seasoned tournament playerIdeal for players of all levelsAbout the Author: Gary Lane is an

Secrets of Spectacular Chess, 2nd Edition - Levitt, Friedgood

Price: 22.46

In the modern classic Secrets of Spectacular Chess, Jonathan Levitt and David Friedgood shared their joy and appreciation of chess beauty, engulfing readers with a wealth of amazing and magnificent examples from the aesthetic side of the game. Moreover, they also showed how this fascinating subject could actually be analysed, and how this could help players to improve the practical side of their game.Now the authors have produced a much awaited and largely expanded second edition, in which they present further ideas and opinions, provide many new mesmerizing examples of games, studies and problems, and revisit previous material to explain how the theory has developed over recent years. This book really captures the imagination; read it and become hypnotized by the power and beauty of chess!Features:A new expanded edition, with 50% new materialAn enthralling guide to the artistry of chessIdeal for players of all levelsSpecifications:Paperback: 192 pagesPublisher: Everyman Chess; 2nd edi

Chess Tactics for Students - Bain

Price: 13.95

Chess Tactics for Students is a one-of-a-kind instructional workbook designed to help beginners acquire the skills of strong intermediate players. This workbook introduces thirteen basic chess tactics in a variety of frequently encountered positional patterns. With hints to guide them, students solve tactical problems and use algebraic notation to record their answers on large easy-to-correct worksheets.Chess Tactics for Students is based on sound educational principles and was field tested extensively over a four year period with elementary, middle school, and high school students. This workbook is ideal for both classroom instruction and chess clubs.Features:224 pages of worksheets434 carefully selected problemsinstruction sequenced in order of increasing difficultychapters arranged in order of most frequently encountered tacticsversatile format, enabling both independent and group instruction.Specifications:Author: BainBook Type: Paperback, 1993Notation: Algebraic NotationPages: 228

Chess Sets

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