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Carry On Luggage

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This list is not meant to be a complete list, it is meant to be just a representative list of luggage manufacturers you will find at these stores.
Leather:  Classic Leather, Distinction Leather, Emerson Leather,
               Executive Leather, Leather Trends

With on-line shopping you are assured the lowest prices available on fine leather items by the manufacturers listed below. Consider the possibilities.....Shopping by phone from your home, avoiding road rage and mall madness. What could be better than that?

Luggage & Leather Goods

ATTACHES:  Andiamo, Atlas, Eagle Creek, Joseph Daniel, Kenneth Cole,  Wynn,  Zero,

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 LUGGAGE: American Flyer, American Tourister, Andiamo, Atlantic, Boyt, Brigs & Riely, Ciao, Delsey, Eastpak, French, Hercules, Jack Georges, Jansport, Land, Lark, LeSportsac, London Fog, Monarch, Passport, Rose Trunks, Rosenfeld, Samsonite, Sky Valet, Skyway, Travel Pro, Remin Kart-A-Bag, Wynn Zero, Halliburton.

PENS: Cross, Mont Blanc

WALLETS/ORGANIZERS:  Filofax, Hugo Bosco, Scully, Palliser

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