So... You're a Vegetarian...what do you eat if you don't eat meat

This is a potpouri of anything interesting, hard hitting, poems, opinions, stories (real or imagined) recipes, household hints, new places to eat, advertisements, and a few good reasons why this site was started. We welcome suggestions, information and your viewpoints, just e-mail or sign my guestbook if you'd like to share your views with others. This site will be updated periodically, so feel free to bookmark. - the editor - Doris E. Boyer

Some Vegetarian Recipes
Humor - Humerous stuff.
Vegetarian insights - Don't click here if you're squeamish.
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Recipe Archive of recipes that have appeared on this site.
Poems by Doris - Vegetarian, animal rights and environmental poems by Doris.
Vegetarian Guide - Links to vegetarian web sites.
Environmental and Vegetarian links - Links to environmental organizations, vegetarian sites, animal rights...etc.
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Earthline - Environmental and animal rights information.
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Other links I like:

Super cool..down to earth link, Long Beach, CA TV celeb Vampi the Vegetarian Vampire.
the Orlando Mall - On-line shopping and web directory with over 700 links.
A website like buy costumes will provide you with the highest quality in the industry.

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