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Political and Social Justice Books

Sacrificial Lambs

Price: 19.95

In 1993, Larry and Linda Faillace had a dream. They imported sheep from Europe to make cheese on their family farm in Warren, Vermont. By 1998, their dream was turning into a years-long struggle to keep their sheep alive. The USDA believed the sheep may have contracted Mad Cow Disease and put U.S. livestock at risk. Even though no sheep in the world have ever contracted Mad Cow Disease under natural circumstances, the USDA destroyed the Faillace family's dream in March 2001, when dozens of armed Federal agents seized their sheep and slaughtered them. This is a story of optimism, heartbreak, politics, community, and family.

The Culture of Make Believe

Price: 25.00

What begins as an exploration of the lines of thought and experience that run between the massive lynchings in early twentieth-century America to today's death squads in South America soon explodes into an examination of the very heart of our civilization.

Don't Think of an Elephant!

Price: 10.00

George Lakoff explains in Don't Think of an Elephant! how the right has framed the notion of the political center, he presents both the most original and the most practical analysis of United States politics in many years.

Walking on Water

Price: 15.00

Walking on Water is a startlingly evocative examination of teaching, writing, creativity, and life. Part scathing critique of our current educational system, part hands-on method for learning how to write, part inspirational life lesson plan, Walking on Water is a book to leave you breathless (but with dry feet) on the other shore.

How Democrats and Progressives Can Win DVD and Don't Think of an Elephant!

Price: 22.50

Featuring a lively interview with George Lakoff, television news clip, and illustrative graphics, this is a must see media tool for everyone who wants to better understand and communicate the progressive agenda.


Price: 25.00

Cadwalader, a Marine captain severely wounded in Viet Nam, recuperates but is unable to return to combat. Strongly influenced by his experience in the Marines, he recruits a small band of unlikely "teachers"--well-educated social drop-outs--and launches an experiment in the rehabilitation of hard-core juvenile delinquents. The site he selects is Penikese, a remote island off the Massachusetts coast. Once a leper colony, Penikese is slowly transformed by the students and staff into a self-sufficient school community.

The Man Who Hated Work and Loved Labor

Price: 40.00

This profound work of non-fiction should be required reading for anyone who has ever had a job and everyone who believes that only fools limit their dreams for a better world.

The Man Who Hated Work and Loved Labor

Price: 24.95

This profound work of non-fiction should be required reading for anyone who has ever had a job and everyone who believes that only fools limit their dreams for a better world.

Surviving America's Depression Epidemic

Price: 16.95

Surviving America's Depression Epidemic delves into the roots of depression and links our increasingly consumer based culture and standard-practice psychiatric treatments to worsening depression, instead of solving it.

Pearls, Politics, and Power

Price: 14.95

Pearls, Politics, and Power is a call to action for new political engagement and leadership from the women of America. Informed by conversations with elected women leaders from all levels, former three-term Vermont Governor and Ambassador to Switzerland Madeleine M. Kunin asks: What difference do women make? What is the worst part of politics, and what is the best part? What inspired these women to run, and how did they prepare themselves for public life? How did they raise money, protect their familys privacy, deal with criticism and attack ads, and work with the good old boys?

Marijuana Is Safer

Price: 14.95

Marijuana Is Safer reaches for a broad audience, including people who have never used marijuana and may be skeptical about the authors' claims. The book includes a detailed introduction to the plant and its effects on the user, and it debunks some of the government's most frequently cited marijuana myths. For current and aspiring advocates of marijuana_law reform, as well as anyone else who is interested in what is becoming a major political battle at all levels of government, the authors spell out why the message that marijuana is safer than alcohol must be a prominent part of the public debate over legalization.

The End of America: A Film by Annie Sundberg and Ricki Stern

Price: 29.95

Investigating parallels between our current situation and the rise of dictators and fascism in once-free societies, Wolf uncovers a number of deeply unsettling similarities‹from the use of paramilitary groups and secret prisons to the targeted suspension of the rule of law. With this galvanizing call to arms based on her recent book, she urges regular citizens to take back our legacy of freedom and justice.

The End of America and The End of America the Movie: Set

Price: 39.95

In a stunning indictment of the Bush administration and Congress, best-selling author Naomi Wolf lays out her case for saving American democracy. In authoritative research and documentation Wolf explains how events of the last six years parallel steps taken in the early years of the 20th centurys worst dictatorships such as Germany, Russia, China, and Chile.

The Looting of America

Price: 14.95

In The Looting of America, Leopold debunks the prevailing media myths that blame low-income home buyers who got in over their heads, people who ran up too much credit-card debt, and government interference with free markets. Instead, readers will discover how Wall Street undermined itself and the rest of the economy by playing and losing at a highly lucrative and dangerous game of fantasy finance.

Howard Dean's Prescription for Real Healthcare Reform

Price: 12.95

Millions of Americans lack health insurance; millions more pay for coverage that doesn't protect them from serious illness; and the status quo leaves Americans at the mercy of corporate interests. This persuasive argument from a passionate political strategist shows Americans how to take back the healthcare reins.


Price: 14.95

The price of college tuition has increased more than any other major good or service for the last twenty years. Nine out of ten American high school seniors aspire to go to college, yet the United States has fallen from world leader to only the tenth most educated nation. Almost half of college students don't graduate; those who do have unprecedented levels of federal and private student loan debt, which constitutes a credit bubble similar to the mortgage crisis.

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Political and Social Justice Books

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