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Science Fiction and Fantasy Books

Alien vs. Predator Volume 2: Civilized Beasts TPB

Price: 6.25

The new world was an unspoiled frontier perfect for colonization, a virtual paradise of boundless beauty and limitless resources, untouched by human hands...but not untouched, as the unsuspecting colonists soon discovered. Now marooned on a planet infested with the deadliest Alien species ever encountered, the colonists learn firsthand the Law of the Jungle: adapt or become extinct. And a little helping hand couldn't hurt, inexplicably provided by the selfsame Predators who destroyed the colonists' ship and made them prisoners in paradise. Are these extraterrestrial hunters actually showing sympathy for the humans' plight, or do they have something even more monstrous in mind? * Following the events of 2004's Thrill of the Hunt , Alien vs. Predator 2: Civilized Beasts again teams fan-favorite writer Mike Kennedy ( Lone Wolf 2100 ) and artist Roger Robinson ( Gotham Nights ) in an action-packed battle royale to determine the heavyweight championship of the galaxy!

Playboy Interviews: The Comedians

Price: 13.45

For Fifty years Playboy has been asking the candid questions, letting the comedians give a straight response. In this collection of Playboy Interviews , America's greatest wits explain their rises and falls, talking about what's funny, what's not, and how to make 'em laugh. This volume features interviews with the following notable figures: Don Rickles, Bill Cosby, Groucho Marx, Woody Allen, Jim Carrey, George Carlin, Jon Stewart, Steve Martin, Robin Williams, Chris Rock, and Jerry Seinfeld. * Funny, controversial, and out spoken, the comedians profiled in this book have shaped comedy in the 20th and 21st Centuries!

Criminal Macabre: The Complete Cal McDonald Stories (Novel)

Price: 11.65

The world has two faces. The natural and the supernatural. The face we see every day, people filing past us in an almost zombie-like stupor, numb to the horrors of everyday life or driven to madness by the pain and agony of modern-day existence. And those are the people who aren't zombies or monsters! Cal McDonald is a detective with one foot in the real world, and one in the world of magic. For Cal, the horrors we all dream about in the fevered darkness of the night are all-too real, kept at bay through an almost constant influx of drugs to numb the pain, but never erase it. Cut from the same mold as Sam Spade, Jake Gittes, and the famous detectives of Chandler, Hammett and Spillane, Cal McDonald, whether he likes it or not, is all that stands between us and the nightmare world just outside our vision. * Collected for the first time in one book are the long-out-of-print prose adventures of the most unconventional detective of all time. By the author of 30 Days of Night , soon to be a major motion picture.

Mike Oeming On His Work And Career

Price: 20.65

Bill Baker, veteran comics journalist and host of's 'Baker's Dozen', interviews Mike Oeming (Judge Dredd, Powers, Bulletproof Monk) and discusses the artist's craft and career.

Unhuman Elephantmen HC - Art Of Ladronn

Price: 26.99

Unpublished art, sketches and drawings by Ladrönn in a beautiful hardcover volume, similar to Frank Cho's Cover Girl. Designed by Comicraft's Secret Weapon, John JG Roshell, this book is the perfect companion to Hip Flask: Concrete Jungle, and is printed in the same format.

Abject Expressionism Art Of Ron English HC

Price: 31.96

This comprehensive survey of pop painter Ron English's artwork covers twenty years of his career, from staged photography and neo-surrealist oil paintings to street art and cultural jamming. An important look at the work of an artist who has been at the forefront of movements in photography, painting, activist art, and underground music.

Playboy Interviews: They Played the Game

Price: 20.65

Fact: A large number of Playboy 's readers do buy the magazine for the articles-specifically the interviews. The Playboy Interviews is incisive and entertaining, and important figures from all walks of life-many of whom honor no other interview requests-have given life- and career-altering interviews in the magazine's pages. The Playboy Interviews: They Played the Game features some of the most revered-and reviled-American sports stars from the past six decades openly discussing controversial issues including race, gender, drugs, and sexuality. More than just a bunch of jocks talking sports, these interviews are a fascinating reflection of the American psyche and evolving cultural perceptions. Includes interviews with Jim Brown, Joe Namath, Billie Jean King, O. J. Simpson, Pete Rose, Michael Jordan, Allen Iverson, Barry Bonds, Mike Tyson, and Dale Earnhardt Jr. Some of the interviews were originally edited for space and are presented here in full!

Good Girl Art SC

Price: 26.99

Noted comics historian Ron Goulart has produced the final word on good girls in the comic books with Good Girl Art, chronicling the history of the good girl in comics from the beginning, in the comic book sweatshops of the late 1930s, through the war years, the 1950s, to the present. Featuring over 200 illustrations, Good Girl Art showcases rarely seen original artwork by such legendary comic artists as Matt Baker, Lee Elias, Frank Cho, Adam Hughes, Joe Chiodo, and Dave Stevens.

Everlasting SC Novel

Price: 17.95

It's 1999 in Portland, Oregon. Lance Scott has just turned 25 and has a pretty good life. Paul Weller is his god; music his constant companion. He has a great apartment, a spoiled cat, an easygoing roommate; only one thing is missing - the girl of his dreams. But reality rarely lives up to dreams. Three girls take turns with his heart, but can he commit to any one of them, or will he always be looking back at what he's left and forward at what might come? And then there's the blue haired girl. This sophomore novel by Jamie S. Rich takes a pop-culture filled look at the irony of a guy who is only able to be truly present in his relationship with his cat; and the accidents that happen when you try to reach forward toward a new love while simultaneously looking over your shoulder at the past.

DC Action Figure Archive HC

Price: 24.00

For the legions that collect the immensely popular DC Comics action figures, we have good news: the official visual compendium of more than 1,400 characters has finally arrived! Assembled by lead collector Scott Beatty and the experts at DC Comics, The DC Comics Action Figure Archive features more than 600 full-color photographs - from Ace the Bat-Hound to Zauriel, with lots of Batman and Superman in-between - plus details on previously impossible-to-find release dates, variants, and 'redecoes,' as well as information on action figure scales and articulation points.

Neil Gaiman Presents Vol. 1: The Twilight of the Gods and Other Tales SC

Price: 10.36

The Twilight of the Gods and Other Tales captures, in twenty-eight breathtaking stories, an epic range of adventures. From "Madam Lucifer," in which the fallen angel Lucifer plays a fateful game of chess for the soul of Man, to the title story of the collection, which details what might have become of Prometheus -- chained to the rocky crags of the Caucasus for the theft of the knowledge of fire from Zeus -- if he were to be freed from his eternal prison, the stories here are ones of tragedy, humor, and magic. * The Neil Gaiman Presents program will be devoted to returning to print long-unavailable works in affordable paperback editions personally selected by Gaiman. Each book will carry a new introduction by Gaiman, speaking to the reasons why he selected the book for this line, as well as how the book influenced him over the years. * The initial six titles in the Neil Gaiman Presents line specifically deal with the subject of gods and mythology and brings back for today's readers wonderful books......

One Small Voice TPB

Price: 15.29

Collecting the novella 'One Small Voice,' as well as a variety of short stories by recognized dark fiction author Clifford Meth, One Small Voice serves as a sequel to god's 15 minutes, and includes updated versions of 'Conflicts of Disinterest,' 'Wearing the Horns,' and selections that previously appeared in Stranger Kaddish. Adding additional punch to Meth's provocative prose are spot illustrations by some of the most influential artists of our time, including Alex Toth, Dave Cockrum and Gene Colan. Packaged with interstitial material by Wm. Messner-Loebs, Tom Spurgeon and Pat DiNizio (of The Smithereens). "

Making Of Star Wars Definitive Story Behind Original Film TPB

Price: 21.00

by J. W. Rinzler Celebrating the 30th Anniversary of George Lucas' epic Star Wars and featuring 'lost' interviews from the LucasFilm archives, this exclusive, official story offers a glimpse behind the movie that launched the saga in 1977 and changed filmmaking forever!"

Art Of Drawing Anatomy SC

Price: 16.15

The newest entry in the Art of Drawing series presents one of the most popular and important topics in the fine arts: realistically capturing human anatomy and the nude on paper. Richly illustrated, with every anatomical explanation shown in detail, it puts each concept into practice through sequences of drawings that show the intricacies of muscular and skeletal structure.

Playboy: LeRoy Neiman's The Art of Femlin - nick & dent

Price: 24.97

When LeRoy Neiman and Hugh Hefner met in the early 1950s, while Neiman was doing women's high fashion drawings and Hefner was a copywriter in a Chicago department store, neither could have predicted that a twelve-inch woman called Femlin was waiting in the wings. But Femlin is mischievous. She's spunky. And she knows how to strike while the iron is hot. Fifty years later, Femlin is still going strong and sassy. Neiman has drawn her for every issue of Playboy for the last half-century, showing her at play, at sport, and at her ease. Wearing her trademark heels, stockings, and gloves-and not much else-Femlin has become a beloved icon of Playboy . . . and a celebrity in her own right. This book features text and images by Neiman, and an afterword by Playboy founder and publisher Hugh M. Hefner. * Playboy will celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of the Femlin with a special feature in the August 2007 issue of Playboy magazine. * In addition to the regular edition M Press will be releasing a slipcased, limited......

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