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RedShelf was developed to provide the fastest and easiest way to make digital content readily available for anyone to read anywhere. Our holistic approach provides a secure location for readers and publishers to share, sell, distribute and acquire eBooks, eTextbooks, academic papers, presentations and other digital documents. Our BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) technology is accessible on any web-browser based device with no dedicated reader or application to download. RedShelf’s robust cloud reader provides users with familiar tools such as bookmarking, highlighting, and note-taking to optimize their digital reading experience.

The Seventh Science Fiction Megapack

Price: 0.99

"The Seventh Science Fiction Megapack" presents a terrific mix of science fiction stories, new and old, including a Hugo Award-winning story by Lawrence Watt-Evans, a Hugo Award nominee from Mike Resnick, and classics by Arthur C. Clarke, Marion Zimmer Bradley, and many more. Almost 700 pages of great reading!Included are:ALL THE THINGS YOU ARE, by Mike ResnickA BRIEF DANCE TO THE MUSIC OF THE SPHERES, by Michael KurlandGRANDPA?, by Edward M. LernerTO ERR IS INHUMAN, by Marion Zimmer BradleySARGASSO OF LOST STARSHIPS, by Poul AndersonTHE SWORDSMEN OF VARNIS, by Geoffrey CobbeMOON DOG, by Arthur C. ClarkeWHY I LEFT HARRYS ALL-NIGHT HAMBURGERS, by Lawrence Watt-EvansGALACTIC CHEST, by Clifford D. SimakPROTOTYPE, by John Gregory BetancourtTHE DOORSTOP, by Reginald BretnorTHE TIME DISSOLVER, by Jerry SohlDO UNTO OTHERS, by Damien BroderickKEEP OUT, by Fredric BrownTHE CHAPTER ENDS, by Poul AndersonDO UNTO OTHERS, by Mark CliftonTHE SERVANT PROBLEM, by Robert F. YoungTHE SLIZZERS, by Jerome BixbyAND THEN THE TOWN TOOK OFF, by Richard WilsonSPACE OPERA, by Michael R. CollingsI AM TOMORROW, by Lester del ReyRIPENESS IS ALL, by Jesse RoarkeDAWSON DID IT, by C.J. HendersonSTARMAN'S QUEST, by Robert SilverbergTHROUGH TIME & SPACE WITH FERDINAND FEGHOOT (94), by Grendel BriartonAnd don't forget to search this ebook store for "Wildside Megapack" to see the 100+ entries in this series, covering everything from science fiction and fantasy to mysteries, westerns, ghost stories, author collections--and much, much more! (Sort by publication date to see the most recent entries.)

The CIA Makes Science Fiction Unexciting

Price: 7.14

A stirring work that offers a chilling glimpse into the negligence, greed, murder, and, at times, comical disorganization behind some of the CIAs most controversial secret operations, this book collects the first five issues of the zine. Summarizing the influence the CIA had in the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr.; the AIDS virus; the killing of Filiberto Ojeda Rios, a Puerto Rican independence movement leader; the Patriot Act; and the Iran-Contra affair, this forthright representation provides an behind the scenes look at the United States foreign and domestic policies. The radical claims presented are built on fact and posit an accessible alternative to mainstream histories that help to contextualize current events and the worldwide anti-American backlash.

Bugged (Science Fiction)

Price: 9.95

Home from college for the summer, Jean and Jared find disturbing changes in the tiny community of Warm Springs. Something suspicious is going on in HybriGene's top-secret laboratory. The twins make it their business to solve the mystery.

Philosophies of Crime Fiction

Price: 10.00

A fresh analysis of both the hidden and explicit philosophical ideas to be found in crime literatureJosef Hoffmann covers influences and inspirations in crime writing with references to a stellar cast of crime writers including Arthur Conan Doyle, G. K. Chesterton, Dashiell Hammett, Albert Camus, Borges, Agatha Christie, Raymond Chandler, and Ted Lewis. Hoffmann examines why crime literature may provide stronger consolation for readers than philosophy. In so doing, he demonstrates the truth of Wittgenstein's claim that more wisdom is contained in the best crime fiction than in philosophical essays. Josef Hoffmann's combination of knowledge, academic acuity, and enthusiasm makes this a must-have book for any crime fiction aficionadowith or without a philosophical nature.

London Peculiar and Other Nonfiction

Price: 11.43

Voted by the London Times as one of the best writers since 1945, Michael Moorcock has long been considered one of the top names in science fiction and fantasy. Here, Moorcock has personally selected his best published and unpublished essays, articles, reviews, and opinionsall uncensored. Covering a wide range of topics including books, films, politics, reminiscences of old friends, and attacks on new foes, this collection is the definitive compilation for any serious fan of Moorcock, or science fiction in general. Drawn from more than 50 years of writing, including Moorcocks most recent work from the Los Angeles Times and the Guardianalong with obscure and now unobtainable sourcesthe prose in this compendium showcases Moorcock at his sharpest.

The Fast-Track Course on How to Write a Nonfiction Book Proposal

Price: 7.86

A step-by-step guide through the process of proposing a book to a publisher, this straightforward and accessible work helps aspiring authors get their nonfiction work published quickly. Packed with specific examples of proposals, query letters, publishing contracts, and more, this reference addresses the many questions authors have in this digital age. Written by a seasoned editor and used in publishing classes at numerous universities, the book is a proven tool for nonfiction book authors. A glossary of key terms, a list of selected books for further reading, and a book proposal checklist are also included.

The Third Science Fiction Megapack

Price: 0.99

The third volume in the Science Fiction Megapack series collection 26 tales of high adventure through other worlds and times, including a complete novel by H. Beam Piper! Included in this volume are:The Man Who Made Friends with Electricity, by Fritz LeiberTime Bum, by C.M. KornbluthThe Human Equations, by Dave CreekThe Gun, by Philip K. DickNot Stupid Enough, by George H. ScithersJackpot, by E.C. TubbThe Killing Streets, by Colin HarveyMoon Dive, by Sydney J. BoundsCharons Curse, by John GlasbyThe Hunted Heroes, by Robert SilverbergNight of the Squealers, by Michael McCarty and Mark McLaughlinChaos, by John Russell FearnAnd Happiness Everlasting, by Gerald WarfieldThe 7th Order, by Jerry SohlMonkey on his Back, by Charles V. De VetThe Calm Man, by Frank Belknap LongAlien Still Life, by John Gregory BetancourtA Question of Courage, by J. F. BoneAngels and Moths by Costi GurguSecond Landing, by Murray LeinsterThe Einstein-Rosen Hunter-Gatherer Society, by George S. WalkerWind, by Charles L. FontenayStar Mother, by Robert F. YoungThe Sky Is Falling, by Lester Del ReyAnd don't forget to search this ebook store for "Megapack" to see other volumes in the series, from science fiction to ghost stories to mysteries...and many more!

The Fifth Science Fiction Megapack

Price: 0.99

The fifth volume in the Science Fiction Megapack series collects 25 tales of high adventure through other worlds and times, including 5 Hugo and Nebula Award-winners and nominees. Featured this time are:AGAPE AMONG THE ROBOTS, by Allen SteeleTHE STARSHIP MECHANIC, by Jay Lake and Ken ScholesPEACEMAKER, by Gardner DozoisOR ALL THE SEAS WITH OYSTERS, by Avram DavidsonGRANDMA, by Carol EmshwillerTHE GIFT BEARER, by Charles L. FontenayI, ROBOT, by Cory DoctorowALL RIGHTS, by Pamela SargentTHE EICHMANN VARIATIONS, by George ZebrowskiMAY BE SOME TIME, by Brenda W. CloughCYBERPUNK, by Bruce BethkeMILLENNIUM, by Everett B. ColeJOIN OUR GANG? by Sterling E. LanierGREYLORN, by Keith LaumerJUMPING THE LINE, by Grania DavisHES ONLY HUMAN, by Lawrence Watt-EvansTHE WASONICA CORRECTION, by James C. StewartCIRCUS, by Alan E. NourseTHE HATED, by Frederik PohlCODE THREE, by Rick RaphaelCOST OF LIVING, by Robert SheckleyTHIS IS KLON CALLING, by Walter J. SheldonTHE BIG BOUNCE, by Walter S. TevisTHE RISK PROFESSION, by Donald E. WestlakeTHE FIRE EGGS, by Darrell SchweitzerAnd don't forget to search this ebook store for "Megapack" to see other volumes in the series, from science fiction to ghost stories to mysteries...and many more!

Is History Fiction?

Price: 19.97

The relationship between history and fiction has always been a controversial one. Can we ever know that a historical narrative is giving us a true account of what actually happened? Provocative and fascinating, this book is an original and insightful examination of the ways in which history isand might bewritten. It traces Historys doubleness and divided nature, beginning with its founding figures, Herodotus and Thucydides, right up to the key figures of historical reflection, such as Friedrich Nietzsche, Benedetto Croce, Walter Benjamin, Hannah Arendt, Michel Foucault and Hayden White. The authors explore the challenges posed by postmodernism to history and the literary conventions of most historical writing. In this second edition they bring their history of history up to the present in their study of the History Wars and new approaches to world history and environmental history.

A complete cumulative Checklist of lesbian variant and homosexual fiction - The Original Classic Edition

Price: 7.95

Finally available, a high quality book of the original classic edition of A complete cumulative Checklist of lesbian variant and homosexual fiction.This is a new and freshly published edition of this culturally important work by Marion Zimmer Bradley, which is now, at last, again available to you.Enjoy this classic work today. These selected paragraphs distill the contents and give you a quick look inside A complete cumulative Checklist of lesbian variant and homosexual fiction: An effort has been made in each case to distinguish whether the work under discussion is a novel about lesbianism, whether the variant content has been included mostly for shock effect, or whether (as in some excellent modern novels) homosexual characters appear incidentally to the other main themes of action in the book....Garde has indexed virtually every homosexual work from antiquity to the latest paperback shocker, and has also performed the mighty task of separating them into categories ... a task from which the Checklist editors have shrunk, though we have made some attempt at classification in our reviews and by awarding a plus sign to books of exceptional value. ...If the treatment is honest, the characters even remotely believable and the purpose of the book seems reasonably genuine, then the quantity of sex is purely a matter for the author's discretion; and be it much, as in the works of March Hastings, Artemis Smith or Henry Miller, or little, as in Iris Murdoch's delicate and subtle THE BELL, or Shirley Jackson's THE HAUNTING OF HILL HOUSE,-- we give the book judgment only on its merits as a book....But if the story is just a peg on which to hang up a lot of poorly written, gamy erotic episodes, with no literary value, and just evasive enough to keep the printer out of jail, then we have given it short shrift with the abbreviation "scv"-which cryptic letters are editorial shorthand for "Short Course in Voyeurism"-and have been the basis of a lot of jokes in the tedious business of passing reviews around the editorial staff (The junior and senior editors live a thousand miles apart and have never met; the others who occasionally contribute reviews are scattered from Alabama to Oregon.). ...We wish here to give some slight acknowledgment to all those who, over the years since the initiation of this endeavor, have contributed overlooked titles, pointed out our errors, sent comments, criticisms and sometimes cash, laboriously tracked down elusive data, worked as unpaid researchers and stencil-cutters, and in general helped us to feel we were not working in a vacuum.

Under Siege (Science Fiction)

Price: 9.95

All of the vehicles on Cole's Island seem to have minds of their own, and they want to kill. The class clown and the town punk make an unlikely team. Can they stop fighting long enough to outwit the alien invaders?

The Chronotope and Other Speculative Fictions

Price: 2.99

Time travel and brothels; unusual visitors from different eras, dimensions, and realities; human zoos maintained by curious aliens who like to watch; private eyes who are zombies; leafy-green literary collaborators; moral steampunk issues; a dreamer at the edge of the solar system; an astronaut who's gone insane; and the conspiracies of chrono-assassins--just a few of the fantastic themes in these 16 stories from Michael Hemmingson's first collection of speculative fiction: page-turners, every one of them!

Flashback (Science Fiction)

Price: 9.95

Dozens of people disappeared for weeks at a time from a deserted mountain road only to reappear dazed and confused. Joe saw something that no one was suppose to see. That's why the hypnotist erased his memory. But now it's all coming back to him- and he's in mortal danger!

Seeds of Fiction

Price: 10.71

A major new biography of Graham Greene with extensive new material; exclusive, never-before-seen photographs of Greene on his travels; and full family cooperationAn essential read for fans of literary biography, this book finally and fully illuminates a pivotal episode in Graham Greene's life and career in the kind of detail that will sate any fans of his work, but which also provides a fascinating glimpse into a writer's life. In 1965, Greene joined journalist Bernard Diederich in the Dominican Republic to embark on a tour of its border with Haiti, then ruled by "Papa Doc" Duvalier. They were accompanied by activist priest Jean-Claude Bajeux. Diederich had known Greene since the mid-1950s and had lived in Haiti for 14 years. He was a seasoned correspondent for the British and North American press and had reported many stories from the region, including Castro's triumph in Cuba and the death of the Dominican dictator, Trujillo. In 1963, he had been thrown out of Haiti and when Greene arrived was working from the Dominican Republic. The famous novelist was 61 and depressed, having struggled to finish A Burnt-Out Case, and was being plagued by religious doubt; Bajeux, meanwhile, had been informed that his family had been "disappeared" by Duvalier's henchmen. As this trio traveled along the border they met a number of rebels and other characters later fictionalized in Greene's most politically charged novel, The Comedians, published the following year. This book tells the story of how a series of extraordinary and often hair-raising journeys gave one of the greatest novelists of the 20th century new inspiration in his writing.

Murray's Nightmare (Science Fiction)

Price: 9.95

Lazy Rita needed to hit the gym and get in shape. She's grateful when the mysterious Rowena shows up and supplies the motivation. But now Rowena is going too far and pushing too hard. Help! Rita wants her life back.

Escape from Earth (Science Fiction)

Price: 9.95

Nick's new college roommate, Darryl, needs some help. At first glance, Nick thinks he's a real dork. And what's with the briefcase? But Darryl's problem is literally "out of this world." If his enemies catch up with him, his race is doomed!

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