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PISCES - The Fish

These are keywords that can give you insight into the personality and characteristics of each sign.

Ruling Planet: - Neptune
Element: - Water
Principle: - Passive
Anatomy: - Feet.
Key phrase: - "I believe".
Key word: - understanding

Positive Characteristics: Compassionate - charitable - sympathetic - emotional - sacrificing - intuitive - introspective - musical - artistic.

Negative characteristics: Procrastinating - over-talkative - melancholy - pessimistic - emotionally inhibited - timid - impractical - often feels misunderstood.

Lucky Connections

Colors: - Violet, light green, blue
Plant: - Opium poppy, lotus, water plants
Gemstones: - Pearl, amethyst, beryl, aquamarine
Metal: - Tin
Animals: - Fish, dolphin
Herbs for health: - Bilberries, meadowsweet, rose hips, lungwort

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