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CAPRICORN - The Seagoat

These are keywords that can give you insight into the personality and characteristics of each sign.

Ruling Planet: - Saturn
Element: - Earth
Principle: - Passive
Anatomy: - knees, lower leg.
Key phrase: - "I use".
Key word: - ambition

Positive Characteristics: Cautious - responsible - scrupulous - conventional - business like - perfectionist - traditional - practical - hard working - economical - serious.

Negative characteristics: egotistic - unforgiving - fatalistic - the mind rules the heart - stubborn - brooding - inhibited - status-seeking.

Lucky Connections

Colors: - Green, black, gray, indigo/violet
Plant: - Yew, ash, hemp, weeping willow
Gemstones: - Jet, black diamond, onyx, ruby
Metal: - Lead Animals: - Goat, ass
Herbs for health: - Comfrey, red beets, sorrel, Solomon's seal

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